Defenders of Kes.

Lord Jhor, Creator of Turmoilto Everyone

Belief is a powerful tool. Convince enough people that something is true, and for those people... it is.

Each and every person that posted in defense of Kes made sure to put some disclaimer in their message. And as Lord Arthor posted previously, if you make enough wild statements about Avalon life in general... most certainly some will eventually come t

rue. Insightful? Bah. Coincidence based on extreme paranoia? Much more likely.

Btw, Xerimor... you're not exactly one to bash a young player's opinion on this board (in particular). You're not very old yourself... and much of that life was spent sitting in Azrili idling to build lessons. So, as you so eloquently put it, stfu.

Most of you revere or respect Kes for all the reasons you claim to hate us, your enemies. Think about that.


Written by my hand on the 8th of Cloudburst, in the year 1028.