Abuse of Skills?.

Its amazing how so much nowadays is accused of being an abuse of a bug etc etc... But How exactly do you abuse a skill?

Ok, point in fact I have a skill, that when used in conjuntion with another guild, I can kill DP or PW people. (If they are stupid enough to do nothing)

The gods have declared this to be out of bounds. Its not a bug, it s a skill, so using this would make it an abuse of a skill. fair enough.

One would assume then Arikarr that the gods have decreed use of your heart to stay alive in combat an abuse of a god given skill. What they haven't? So you mean its a skill you worked heard to earn that your allowed to use.?

Shocking isn't it how many times people say skills are overpowered (or now an abuse its the new claim). In truth, the secret is all skills have a counter. Yep.even the demonic heart.shock horror.

Don't whine about abuse this, power that. just learn the right strategy and use it.

You know it makes sense.



Written by my hand on the 14th of Mournsend, in the year 1025.