Kal Zakathto Everyone

I remember with fondness an animist named Fiorella. She was a what we would call a real

pacifist, and utilised her skills competantly to fend of attacks on herself and her friends

neither relying on divine protection excessively or relying upon a pacifistic mantle. indeed

it did not exist at the time.

From what I learnt from the likes of her and animists like Lugonn was that the decompose

skill is the last resort. Immensely powerful, it is probably found near the top range of the

naturalism ability and preceeded by many other potent defences, or non fatal attacking

abilities that in the very distant past... and even now COULD be used to prevent bloodshed.

Surely decompose should only be used when all other means have failed... abilities like

forest eject, forest command, and the other 20 odd abillities in between never seem to be

used anymore. It is probably too great a temptation to reach for the decompose command.


Written by my hand on the 27th of Eleuthral, in the year 1025.