and the rest of team springdale.

Babidito Hellchaser, The Reborn

Well, in the past team springdale has dealt with me in its usual way, sending 3 or

4 (or more if they had the manpower) people to try to off me, then whining if a

single other thakrian came to my aid. Apparently they don't even have the guts

touch giliad do that anymore. After crushing hellchaser in a challenge yesterday, he

attempted to get a ressurection from his mate shadowen, which is in my opinion

challenge interferance of the worst sort. Fortunately due to the incompetance

of the paladins in general, they didn't pull it off. So later while he was bashing,

i thought i'd get a little revenge. Just the typical stuff mind you, breaking his

arms so he drops his swords, rolling him into kenkria, forcing him to toss his

potions into my stones focus so they could be shattered, essentially using my

limited guild skills to effectively fight long range, as per how seers excel.

Rather that sending the usual team at me, they all ran back to their meeting hall.

I didn't feel like calling it a night just because they darted to their farsight

proof vault, so i kept going. Figured i'd try image bleeding him to death. If

it killed him it would be a laugh, if he came at me i'd get a fight. Well, apparently

I was far too much of a challenge to even contemplate, sitting in my non fortified

location using powers with such high equilibrium costs i'd never be able to move

in time to avoid a traversal. Instead, i was zapped and ALL my shrunken heads

were stripped from me. It is damocles' right as a god to do this, but somehow

hellchaser seemed to think he had won some minor victory. This is just the final

and ultimate proof that the seers own you springdale, that you actually need a god

touch giliad save you. Though i would like to commend hellchaser on his later bravery, trying

touch giliad team me with neidhart after i had rode the ship 3 times. And on another note

Neidart- Its funny that you call me a coward for running away and farbonding you

when you are trying to team me, yet you never come at me 1 on 1 unless i initiate

the combat. Your staves are certainly a force to be reckoned with, YOU are a joke.

And that leads me to my next post (sorry for being a bit overwinded, but i'm sick

of people shouting about things about me)

Written by my hand on the 2nd of Eleuthral, in the year 1025.