Lord Cimaresto Sir Jander, the Laughing Storm

haha, sorry still laughing.

yes, I fought challenges before, I've never yet turned down a challenge unless its inconvenient to me (I play from work a lot)

My understanding of challenges is somewhat misguided now, It used to be a meeting of two people who wish to fight toe to toe without being interfered with.

That doesn't always happen, so I can honestly say I don't fight many challenges now.

I just slink around, getting a bond here, the odd curse there. doing the kinds of things that seers do. You might find that cowardly Jander, but then again, you do 400 damage per balance whereas I do a lot less, so don't expect me to stand toe to toe

with you.

I've been a part of this land a long time, I'm one of the oldest players that are currently active and I've fought a lot of players with 10 times the skill you show.

I have nothing to prove anymore, I exist purely to be me. You are nothing and no amount of sitting in your stockroom, building up your lesson credits so you can have all ultimates will ever make you a better person.

Written by my hand on the 8th of Springflower, in the year 1024.