Dodgy ISP connections.

Kal Zakathto Everyone

Absolutely everbody suffers from lag and a slow ISP at some point or another.

Many many Thakrians have the same problems, some blunder through, some die, others grin

and bear it.

For all the players in the UK, and probably everywhere else too, there will be disconnections,

and periods of freezing. it happens to us all. I would advise anybody who does occasionally suffer

from these, to continue fighting. A death or two is of little consequence, one time you will be lagged,

the next time your enemy will be lagged. it averages out in the longterm.

I too have the most dogdy of lines, but thats not going to stop me doing what needs to be done in this realm.

This realm was designed for combat, so use it as such. If you are good enough, even a dodgy line will make

only a minor difference.


(Who uses btinernet)

Written by my hand on the 13th of Springflower, in the year 1019.