Lady Glowballistic, Blades of Vengeanceto Camaris

Lets get a few things straight.

Since mercinaen men were privatised and bought up by Hecritor Enterprises Corp. I have been gainfully employed bringing the sad wretches to a better life in the city of Miracles.

I caught someone (forget who) poaching my men, trying to trick them into going to the mercinaen barracks , thereby destroying my livelihood. I challenged, killed the vermin and the men, quickly, painlessly and humanely. You butted your nose in, starti

ng to sing whatever crap you bards sing at me during the fight.

I therefore challenged you , hunted you down like the pathetic dog that you are, and shipped you, using my super secret weapon tigger and the little known Rip Vocal cords out skill in Fisticuffs.

Don't want to be challenged by me ? Don't lead mercinaen men, and therefore aid the war effort. Don't interfere when I'm fighting. I don't mind you doing either of these two things. Just as you shouldn't mind when I seek retribution if you do.

I'm getting tired of people caught stealing in Thakria , or actively aiding the war effort pleading that they are too small to be punished. Wanna play in the big pool ? Then deal with the consequences.

Oh and ask around, I'm (rightly) known as one or the more reasonable/nice/honourable players out there. I do however see red when I see yellow...

I got a grand total of 2% BL for shipping you. So you are either bigger than you claim, or I'm a hell of lot smaller than most of you think I am. Wonder which one is true ?

Written by my hand on the 12th of Mournsend, in the year 1018.