your babbling.

I would just like to clear a few things up.

First off this time you say were I cowardly qqed as you were attacking me, you got all wrong my feeble minded friend. You see I was qqing cause it was 5 in the morning, adn it just so happened that while I was qqing you happened to stride in.

So you witnessed my qq. Well after I looked back at the screen, I knew what would happen. You would run off at the mouth and try to kill me every chance you got.

Hey! I was right. So knowing this, I logged DIRECTLY back on, and waited for your attack. All while you were standing a meer few steps away. I waited around 5 minutes, and said screw it and logged off again.

See I have never been one to run and hide from any foe, even if I get my butt royaly stomped, and I can even think of a time way back where you and I went through this before

I did not hide then either, and I won't now, just like I didn't in the incident you speak of now.

So please if you are going to state something, friggin look into it before you make accusations!

Thank you my fool hearted Cavalier


Written by my hand on the 23rd of Agamnion, in the year 1013.