Duellism Pt. 1.

Rune Mistress Jashiri Darlingto Everyone

This board really doesn't have any sparky kind of debates, so I figured I'd post something to maybe get some discussion moving along.

The big question, as when pacifism was introduced all those years back, is whether duellism has a place in Avalon. People whine and complain and sob and wail, etc, etc about the duelist status. What it comes down to is that people can no longer jump everyone in sight when they get bored. So rather than asking someone whether they'd like to have a mutual challenge, they sit around and lament how dull Avalon has become.

Sadly, though, there is some truth to those sobs. The problem I've noticed, of which I am a contributor, not a solution, is that many people who had pacifist tendencies choose it and slide further towards the pacifist ideals, and pacifists who were restricted in rather inconvenient ways choose it so they can do some things they weren't able to before. So even if we duelists do get asked for a mutual, I think the majority of us would decline. I consider myself a pacifist, no matter what protection, or l

ack there of, I wear, so what right do I have even choosing duellism, a title that more than implies a fighter's rank.

I think the reason why duellism was brought into the land was to help young ones grow without being jumped, and to aid old fighters returning to the land some chance to get back on their feet. I use it so I can experiment and learn, which I think is an unintended use, but one I have loved the opportunity to investigate.

Continued on next post.

Written by my hand on the 3rd of Springflower, in the year 1211.