Thief attacks and balance.

Midnight Dorita, the Enchanting Temptressto Everyone

As Gareon indicated, there is a need for better balance around duellism, in his case around Oracles. I'd like to raise some recent experiences with thieves who also have a skill that allows them to inflict poisons on duellists in rapid succession. Now I do understand that DDW should not mean you are infallible, but there are some thieves who have developed macros that bombard you with a series of afflictions within a matter of seconds(the skill involves making your blood turn traitor). It has happened

a couple of times to me, and you litterally die in a matter of a few seconds of the attack being initiated(and not because of the jegga!) because of all the afflictions and disloyalty around your entourage turning against you. In the last instance it was 29 afflictions in 5 seconds.

I think this is an exploitation of a weakness in the duellist status that should be addressed. I've been reliably informed, the only defence is to run.

And again, as Gareon points out, as a duellist there is no fighting back.

Written by my hand on the 1st of Ilmarael, in the year 1264.