duellist experiment.

Druid Yorik Birchbarkto Everyone

Hello duellist! +

I had been under the Pacifism mantle for about 3 avalon years and thought I would try the duellist ways for a year in order to get a better feel for things

My first act as a duelist was to take a spear to the cyclops cave and get myself killed.

Lesson learned: better macros needed. So I have brushed up on my macros and now actually know what most of them are for a change.

It is my hope that while on the duellist I will learn to become a better HEALER, not a better fighter. Fighting still holds no real interest for me, but I suspect I will take on one or two more cccs if only to learn how to tuck tail and run away faster.

As far as restrictions go, I can't gate to anyone it seems. I could at least try to gate as a pacifist. Not sure what level of DP I need to dump by rash actions to be able to do certain things, but there are parts of the duellist I find oddly more restrictive than pacifism. Live and learn!

Will I be accepting duels? I'm not sure. I currently have only what short lived weapons are found in the land. I would like to learn a bit more in encounters with cccs before taking on a\"thinking\" player. But I have a year to figure this all out.

Peace to Avalon!

Written by my hand on the 23rd of Agamnion, in the year 1217.