Astrologer Rajj, the Uncorkedto Everyone

I want to like to discuss a possible change in duellism.

What do you think of duellists being able to defend their city, if a city enemy is in town?

Let's say for instance, an enemy enters your city, the bell rings, and if you CHOOSE, you can temporarily lift duellist status WHILE the enemy is inside city walls. Once he leaves or ships, your duellist status comes back.

I think that would make a nice facet to the duellist group, and might even make other people who dislike it, like it more.

I've tried to think of ways to abuse it, but I think those little things can be fixed.

What does everyone else think?

We already lose DDW status if we ENTER a city, what about when an enemy enters your city?


Written by my hand on the 15th of Paglost, in the year 1217.