duellist league.

Crael The Crowto Rune Mistress Jashiri Darling

I agree it would be harsh to punish people for not fighting to a certain amount(or not at all). Some foks hit the land when there are very few people on. Some are re-equipping or trying to gain lessons and skills in a new profession.

I think it should be technically possible to produce some kind of league. I seem to recall(and Orielle may remember this) that a long time ago there was a fighting league for a while which may have been linked to a gem quest. there have also been guild based leagues now and then- I think Lord Mephisto organised one a few years ago.

I guess the question is'is it worth the effort?'. The number of duellists seems fairly small and encompasses those curious about fighting, those who are on their way to the full blown arena, and those who simply dont like PW. Having thrown the suggestion out there I can see why it might look like a waste of time from a divine point of view.

Written by my hand on the 5th of Hindyear, in the year 1211.