Changes to Duellism.

Stormbringer Craelto Rune Mistress Jashiri Darling

Ive had the conversation about motivating people to fight with a couple of older players recently and I dont think its an issue with duellism. Our discussions broadly came to the conclusion that with a very few exceptions those who are adept at fighting are poor at teaching it or have no interest in doing so. Without the confidence in a teacher a lot fo folks wont bother.

You can see this whenever a guild gets a strong new fighting GM or elder- you can guarantee that within a few weeks people will start joining.

I feel duellism has its place and its a bit early to change it. Ive had to rebuild settings from scratch and now trying to learn them. Ive fought two challenges and lost both. Without duesllism I wouldnt even have bothered.

That said I believe that for those who do fight(whether it be duellist or open) some kind of league table might add a touch of motivation. What do people think? We have ranking already but it seems to be clogged with long gone characters. Maybe a duellist league like the PW one based on challenges fought?

Written by my hand on the 16th of Midsummer, in the year 1211.