The Duellists BB Section.

Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

Welcome, duellists, to a BB section devoted entirely to those who hold

DDW or duellist status. Contrary to propaganda from some quarters, it is

no dishonour to take up this protective state for a time, particularly

during your younger years as you find your way through the battleground

struggle to hone your fighting skills. Nor is it another other than sensible

to seek respite in duellist status if you find yourself grossly

outnumbered time and time again, if your characters needs a period of

rebuilding/re-equipping/regathering, etc. Use the duellist status to

gather honour rather than shed it. Challenge your peers to face you on the

battlefield, by all means- and be assured of a contest unmolested by

outside interference. It can do wonders for your fighting prowess.

This BB is also intended as a forum for discussion of affairs relating to

duellists, specifically changes/tweaks we wish to throw open for debate

and feedback.

On that note, it has been suggested that rather than restrict duellists

to harvesting only fields they specifically ploughed/seeded, let the

DDW status be suspended- like EGGROLL- temporarily, by the issuing of

the appropriate harvest command. The DDW status returns once the duellist

is far enough away from the fields. Thus, you must defend yourself and

your harvest for a time but you do not risk casting away your protection

permanently. Comments, please.

Written by my hand on the 30th of Springflower, in the year 1202.