Things that haven't changed.

Unfathomable Kandar, Child of the Depthsto Everyone

I've been absent from the land for *quite* some time, lots of new faces are here and a good dose of the old ones too. It's fun to see all the changes that I missed: The warfare system; the new professional skills (just itching to try those out); the rise to power of the Mystics guild...

Well, all except that last one, but an old-timer like myself is allowed to dream is he not?

One thing I did notice though - that most definitely hasn't changed - is the website.

It's still recommending Rapscallion for Mac users and carries a NEW Java client

specially written for the upcoming quest on Sept 19 2003 (I remember it fondly)

Perhaps the time is now right to update the website and have it reflect the new freshness

of the land itself. Even better if it were possible to log onto the website to read BB

postings and private messages there, all the better for those of us with Blackberries and

iPhones (you know who I'm talking about...). Heck, I'll even volunteer a bit of my time

towards it, a VERY valuable commodity in these days of fatherhood.

As for the client? I've been meaning to write one for quite some time now; even got quite far

on a couple of occasions. It just so happens I'm looking for something new to take on as an

open source project - so watch this space, it may yet come to be.

Written by my hand on the 30th of Mournsend, in the year 1251.