The Legend.

Infamous Threap, The Blade of Darknessto Everyone

It suddenly occurred to me that I started playing Avalon 20 years ago, which is over half my life... Looking back I first played Avalon when I was 15 on dialup, I only played for a short time as back then you got changed by the minute for phone calls. After racking up a 300 pound phone bill I was banned from playing avalon. At least until the Sheffield Avalon opened up a few years later. As that was closer it was cheaper on the phone bill. However i must have played that a lot more as another 300 pound

phone bill came in the mail, my mother took a hammer to my modem and that was the end of that at least for a while.

Soon as I started working and this thing called 'The internet' started becoming popular, The first thing I never typed into the yahoo search engine at an internet cafe was \"Avalon roleplay game\". You can Imagine my joy when the first hit was indeed the game I had played and loved for a few months here and there. This was the creation of Threap (not so Infamous back then).

Funny how things have changed, started out on an Amiga with a 2400 baud modem, to right now, I am sat in a meeting at work posting this on my Iphone rather than paying attention.

Thinking back its very amusing how avalon has shaped my life, I after all met my wife (Persia) on Avalon...

The Legend lives!

Written by my hand on the 14th of Hindyear, in the year 1250.