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I've been debating posting on here, seeing as I know certain persons will quickly swoop in and insult me, but what the heck? I am 20 years old, (21 in a few days) started playing Avalon when I was 18 and been playing off and on ever since.

I saw one of the questions posted on here was why Avalon. I got bored one night, typed in online rpg's in google and this is where I ended up. Later, I made my way to World of Warcraft where I also currently play. For the record, I was convinced to try WoW with the line, no one can kill your pets. My main on there has 79 pets and no one can touch them, it's great! As great as it is though, the interpersonal relationships formed here and the complexity of the game keeps me intrigued.

As for the latest thread of time played, I also agree that the time is well spent. Every moment you're in land is different, unique, and full of interesting twists and turns. I am, however, relieved I am not in the 10,000's club!

Simply Rakira

Written by my hand on the 18th of Mournsend, in the year 1236.