Yeah, but wouldn't that be a good thing? That guy really WAS someone the FBI was after for all sorts of things, including murder. That one's a very complicated story, in the end allegedly including a setup with the guy and 7ch as a scam for him to ge 'donations' for the exorbetent hosting bill he was having to pay after the attack and in return 7ch was going to get free stuff or *something*- it's all rather convoluted now.

But anyway, they do help- there was some guy arrested in the netherlands recently because he posted on /b/ that he was going to shoot up his school, even naming a specific town, and they called the guy it- that's actually happened a lot. So yeah, internet hate machine and all that, but they don't usually attack for no reason and a lot of times they actually end up inadvertently doing some good.

It's a weird sort of hypocritical world out there on the internet, but it's fascinating to watch if you've got the spare time.

Written by my hand on the 16th of Midwinter, in the year 1232.