Why MUD?.

I first got into Avalon way back when because I wanted a fantasy game to play. At the time, I was at college and relatively new to the wonders of the internet. I'd just discovered IRC and the idea that there were GAMES that I could play that weren't Quake (some may argue that Avalon, at times, is like Text Quake) intrigued me.

That said, I found Avalon's website and used AvPlay (anyone remember that?) to connect. I was hooked from about the first 30 seconds, I think. I remember fondly Zerina and later Sam (I'm sure some of you know who I mean!) helping me out with my Accolades, and all the friends I made in the Mages guild back then, and my Thakrian enemies.

Lazarus was the first God to fry me on the spot for questioning (in a shout, no less!) if anyone else was bored of him and Orthwein intoning the Thakrian Anthem across the land. I learned very quickly that offending deities is a bad idea.

These days, I come back to Avalon because there really isn't anything else like it. Graphical games are OK, but there's no real death risk in them (with a couple of very good exceptions). Text is faster paced, and fighting here is so exhilarating, especially in Gem quests or other team events. Politics in Avalon is much more intricate, too - only one game I can think of comes close from a graphical point of view.

I think that about covers why I play here!

Written by my hand on the 21st of Springflower, in the year 1228.