I was 18 or 19 years old (I'm 34 now almost 35) and I was surfing the internet for a game to play and I just happened to come across avalon. I'm pretty sure I started playing on the javalon client. Could have been telnet. Then I upgraded to AVPLAY almost immediately (as far as I'm concerened Apollo's only contribution to Avalon) I subbed and my first week I , saw a verbose fight between Trell and Allanon when some animist put up peace rit to mess with their challenge and trell cleaved it I litteraly go

t shivers at how cool that was.

Then there are 21 of us bashing Springdale,Parrius and Mercinae up in kenkria (yes 21 of us on one bash) Allanon is leading we were mostly youngins and midsizes and Allanon thought it would be a good idea to go to thakria so he too us to up above the clouds (in those days you didn't fall) and the clouds had 2 locations most mortals could get to (just bellow and up above). We attacked Kylan and her thakrians.

A battle raged on and the Thakrians won Allanons team retreaded leaving the littles kinda stragling, a very very young Calista webbed me as i uselessly tried to jab kylan (bloodlust prevented me I didn't understand I just assumed I was too weak and worthless to hit the dark rose). She very nicely walked me back to mercinae, instead of stripping me and shipping me as Zenichiro would have done (my hatred for the now god of War kept me playing over the years ((hope you choke on a chicken bone elf)))

So, I had a bit of a crush on Kylan after than and is the reason I like Xanthe so much.

Later that week I was getting my ass kicked by Jaskar and Sir Kes took me under his wing, bought me a pony and a bull mastif. A wardog, (obviously the Mabari war dogs from DAO are a copy of Avalon). To top it off I met Prince Culinane, he gave me a pegasus it was AWESOME!!!! I ofcourse could not ride it. I met Sir Kes The Flashing Blade, Sir Trell Soul Forger (guildmaster), Sir Yousuf, Sir Nighteagle The Whirling Dervish, A very young Pahn who taught me the ways of Darsurion, Allanon who was my hero. A

pollo who ended up being a douche but at the time who I wanted to serve as his follower more than anything.

I bought 90 credits at 1 US Dollar a credit I went through all 90 Dollars in less than a month. I couldn't afford to pay to play at that level so I had to quit. But the memories remained. I came back almost two years later... That's another story.

Oh sorry 1 credit = 1 hour of game time.

Another time I'll write my impressions of my early life upon returning. Interesting things that were possible back in those days.

The Seafaring skillset could actually be learned, (still waiting on that Gen!) The battleisle that we use today is actually what were going to be the islands reachable by seafaring. You could learn all skills by practicing them so you got your perception up by probing something every 4 seconds on a ticker (mine was my necklace)

A Necklace of the mariners which I actually still have today. That and the quiver Cat gave me is the only things that survive from that time. Zenichiro/Babidi/Threap stripped me of everything else.

Ok enough typing, I probably enjoyed reminiscing more than you will reading this but it is what it is.

Written by my hand on the 15th of Midsummer, in the year 1326.