Meet Happenings.

Marshall Dunccanto Everyone

The time Athena in her underwear leaned over while we were at a pool in her stripper pose. (She was trying to entice Castigere, he, we hope remained pure.

The time Fistandantilus sang Lets get it on to me, I think by Barry White at karaoke. (He has a really good voice, dulcet)

The time me and Sajora had ourselves a Zeni sandwich in my hotel room in NY. (Yes I spooned him)

The time Rajj wooed the entire Virginia meet with his baby blue eyes.

Karfredo at that meet wanted to hook up with a waitress so he took off his wedding ring. (went no where!)

The time I sang Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi at the virginia meet. I do not have a dulcet voice.

Time Dio and I went to go see STOMP and i'm fucking positive he was hitting on my mom.

The time I hit on Dio... right after STOMP. Alas I could not lure him back to my room at the Waldorf.

Or did I...

Ohoh When I found out that Chronos of all people was actually a horn dog and hooked up with Avalon chicks at meets.

Oh when a girl with big boobage (I forget her name she played Avalon) was hitting on Zeni and Tempre at the same time during the NY meet. Was awesome!

Time I bought a fake watch on the street of new york, grossly over paid for it, and felt like an idiot. The guy swore it was a Rolex!

When the strap broke I went to Rolex store in New York to have it fixed, he told me politely to leave. Seems my watch was such a bad fake he could tell at a glance.

Oh, I remember thinking Threap had the most piercing blue eyes. Not as cute as Rajj though.

Written by my hand on the 14th of Agamnion, in the year 1254.