HelpSection 3030.12 Events

Forthcoming Events in Avalon.

Most events in Avalon are not pre-planned but a result of the ebb and flow of its peoples, cities and guilds. Conflicts, large or small, often spring up quickly and are not controlled in advance by the Gods. There are a number of key events, however, like the Divine Court, or the Gem Quests, or Ordination and these are listed below with exact dates included when known.

There are no extra-ordinary meetings of the Pantheon, Divine Court or public parliaments scheduled at this time.

Avalon is a bustling, unpredictable and extraordinarily rich society and many of its most significant events are driven by mortal-activity (like a war between two cities). These cannot be "scheduled" needless to say. What can, on the other hand, are Divine Gem Quests, Deity Events and certain player-managed contests of general interest such as the Avalon Quiz. Below is a list of formally scheduled events including date and summary info.

Avalon's Ordination on November 9th was won by Salvador. He became Elmaethor god of the stars. Events: they can take a back seat for a while!