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30.12 Forthcoming Events in Avalon.

Most events in Avalon are not pre-planned but a result of the ebb and flow of its peoples, cities and guilds. Conflicts, large or small, often spring up quickly and are not controlled in advance by the Gods. There are a number of key events, however, like the Divine Court, or the Gem Quests, or Ordination and these are listed below with exact dates included when known.

The Gem Quests are often the focus of Avalon's most thrilling, competitive and concentrated action. One can learn more in a few hours than months of chance encounters. Fourteen Gem Quests precede the Amethyst Ordination (see HELP ORDINATION) and all are welcome to participate unless otherwise state:


   The Amethyst Quest  Date: Sands Eliminators Sunday Oct 19th to Saturday Oct 25th then the ORDINATION marking Avalon's 25th anniversary at 9PM SATURDAY 25th OCTOBER 2014.

   The Emerald Quest   Date: Saturday Oct 18th NOON to Sunday Oct 19th NOON (24hr Quest).

No specific gem-quest, Divine Court or organised events are currently planned.

Times shown here are in London time (GMT or, during summer, BST). Look at HELP TIMEZONES for help on converting this to your local time. You may also want to check HELP SCHEDULE for a summary schedule of Gem Quests/Ordination-related events only or type SESSIONS for surgery session times and dates and availability.

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