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30.12 Forthcoming Events in Avalon.

Most events in Avalon are not pre-planned but a result of the ebb and flow of its peoples, cities and guilds. Conflicts, large or small, often spring up quickly and are not controlled in advance by the Gods. There are a number of key events, however, like the Divine Court, or the Gem Quests, or Ordination and these are listed below with exact dates included when known.

The Gem Quests are often the focus of Avalon's most thrilling, competitive and concentrated action. One can learn more in a few hours than months of chance encounters. Fourteen Gem Quests precede the Amethyst Ordination (see HELP ORDINATION) and all are welcome to participate unless otherwise state:


   The Amethyst Quest  Date: SUNDAY 9TH NOVEMBER 2014 @ 8PM (3PM EST).

Avalon is a bustling, unpredictable and extraordinarily rich society and many of its most significant events are driven by mortal-activity (like a war between two cities). These cannot be "scheduled" needless to say. What can, on the other hand, are Divine Gem Quests, Deity Events and certain player-managed contests of general interest such as the Avalon Quiz. Below is a list of formally scheduled events including date and summary info.

The 25th Anniversary ORDINATION will be held on SUNDAY NOVEMBER 9th @ 8PM GMT/3PM EST. Ordination contest lasts three hours. Everybody in Avalon is invited. Everyone should be part of the battle. It is the stuff of legend.

Building up to the NOVEMBER 9th ORDINATION we must compete the remaining divine gems and thus:


Weekend of October 18th will be the Ebony gem quest start in group, guild, or city format: rules will be posted in the week to come. Mephisto has tentatively agreed to supervise this tournament and it is likely to use the "combat prowess league" he originated, with nominated contenders receiving the gem - if victorious - and all team-members winning prizes. See HELP SCEPTRE for info on this quest format. Specific timings to be posted on Avalon BB and at the Meeting Place.

Weekend of October 25th-26th will see ALL remaining Gem Quest and contendership matters resolved: battlesands, torchquest and golden egg hunt formats. The CORAL gemquest will be run by Proteus (see HELP CORAL or keep watching the Avalon BB - or the Meeting Place forums - for details).

The EMERALD gemquest may feature on the October 25th-26th weekend but if not will be concluded the weekend after along with the start of Contender Eliminators. These Eliminators aim to reduce contendership to just two finalists; and this pair competes for Ordination as an Avalon God.

The competition between the last two contenders, as most know, is also the final gem quest: the AMETHYST ORDINATION. This contest involves all Avalon, fighting in desperate earnest in support of their chosen contender (and prospective deity). It is an all or nothing event. The winner becomes a High God for all time. The loser gains naught.

*The ORDINATION will take place on Sunday November 9th at 8PM (3PM EST). Mark the calendar. It is Avalon history being made and a matchless competitive event.

See HELP GEMHOLDERS for a list of current holders of the Divine Gems, HELP CONTENDERS to see the contenders for next Ordination and HELP GEMS to gain an inkling of the special powers bestowed by the winning of each of the Divine Gems.

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