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first of its kind, older than the internet, over 25 years continuity and development, purely and simply the most challenging game in existence

Welcome to Avalon, the most immersive and original text based game and RPG in one beautifully detailed world. More than twenty five years continuity, it is the oldest fully-fledged online text RPG in the world and is also the longest running continuous roleplaying game with almost quarter of a million hours stretching back to 1989. Avalon set many of the modern multiplayer text based game standards and as it began so it continues to originate where most seek only emulation. Many text RPG claim oldest or first - and some with good reason - but seek another world with a character to match Zaphod in Avalon: born in 1989 and occasionally seen today, the self-same person who sat and sharpened his battleaxe on the tree stump in the Meeting Place as Avalonians do still, though more than half a thousand years lie in between.

Not only is Avalon an original multiplayer online RPG world but its founding precepts are uniquely entrenched - deeper than simple game mechanics - ideals as important now as they were in the last millennia: the making of Avalon's history is not a matter of cosy design or agreement of cliques. Its evolution is forged in a crucible of player-driven plots; a maelstrom of conflicting ambitions, passionate love and hate, fierce loyalties and heartbreaking betrayal. Some live in peaceful oblivion, some prefer to trade, others to create or farm or rear animals, most take up arms or learn the magic arts - there is nobility to all ways of being. Avalon is a challenging realm and its diversity testifies like nothing else to over quarter of a century care and attention.

..the most expansive online game of any kind, any where.

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13th of Eleuthral 1374
RPG latest: Hellchaser honoured as an Elder of the Knights Guild on the 13th day of Eleuthral 1374 aDW. The illustrious rank is bestowed by Sir Dunccan, The Lion of Mercinae.
30th of Ilmarael 1373
RPG latest: Agarwain gains the title Minister for Public Relations of Parrius.
2nd of Ilmarael 1373
RPG latest: Lamron prevailed over Mnemosyne as results are tallied from the election to decide mastery of the Wizards Guild.
13th of Skyelong 1373
Avalon Online Game: Mysterin prevailed over Cadmus as results are tallied from the election to decide mastery of the Astrologers Guild.
6th of Skyelong 1373
Avalon Online Game: Agarwain gains the title Field Marshall of Parrius.
10th of Mournsend 1373
RPG latest: Sule prevailed over Zero as results are tallied from the election to decide mastery of the Templars Guild.
APRIL 2014sapphire gem-quest to be run by Elmaethor (date t.b.a.)
MAY 2014no gem-quest scheduled
JULY 2014no gem-quest scheduled
JULY 2014See EVENTS for forthcoming events including Gem Quests.

Many so-called events are spontaneous and arise from player-driven actions (like battles over territory or raids on enemy cities). This SCHEDULE refers to the date of Gem Quests and contests relating to the Divine Ordination only:

Type GEMHOLDERS and CONTENDERS to list of current divine gem winners and the ranking of contenders for the next Ordination. HELP ORDINATION detail the Ordination process: Avalon's most fiercely fought competitive achievement.

Goblin TownMercinaenoneconquered57
Oakwood's EndThakrianoneconquered12
Greeny's EdgeThakrianoneconquered8
Pilgrim's RestParriusnoneconquered3
Astrea's DeltaParriusnoneconquered4
Morgana's RiseSilverfallsnoneconquered7

Over Twenty-Five Years of Development

Text based games started with MUD and just after, in 1989, Avalon came online as the first multiplayer text based game. Its innovation, sophistication, ease of play and beauty are even acknowledged as a novel by UK Copyright law.

The First Online Text Based Game with guilds, cities

total world simulation

Avalon is the first text based game to invent the idea of player control, cities, guilds, unique skills and a sense of 'better than life' simulation of reality. Everything follows the rule of credibility.

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Four City-States run by Players; 4000 unique abilities; 30+ guilds

Avalon remains since 1989 the most sophisticated online text based RPG and its thousands of abilities defy automation and exceed all other games in allowing the best players to prevail. Four city-states await newborn players - Mercinae of Justice, Light, Good and Altruism. Thakria of Evil, Darkness, Domination and Passion. Parrius of Freedom, Individualism, Fraternity and Equality. Springdale and Silverfalls of Dreams, Hope, Despair and the Unknown Future.

Real World Economics & Player Governance

Economics are both player, warfare and village produced, creating a real economic system of fluctuating price in which players may become merchants of incredible wealth.

Complex, Original Combat of genre-defining intricacy

Players may master combat between each other for pride and city! Avalon invented and continues to sophisticate its crowning beauty, equilibrium and balance based combat between professions, incredibly fine tuned such that there is no more powerful, only the more imaginative and adept.

Dozens Of Professions, such as Druids, Paladins & Seers

Players may become masters of their class! Avalon created the idea of professions equally matched and in the last five years further expanded this original concept to specialisations, where a player may choose within a profession distinct paths different in their playing style and gaming experience.

Warring City States & Thrilling Military Strategy

Players may become master generals. Avalon first introduced before graphics existed simple warfare, that has now become infinitely varied, simple to master but worldwide and intensely vicious between cities. There are legion abilities based on their type, skill training, marching, 3D depth, trenches, tunnels, mines, mortars and archers, formations and far more against which no other warfare game online text based or graphical could compare.

Real Weather Systems and Unique Ecosystems

Avalon invented sophisticated ecosystems of many dimensions with skies, air densities, gravity, flora of great variety, many types of trees and forestal implications.

Thousands of Quests, Puzzles and Personal Goals

Not only are there thousands of quests, puzzles and personal goals since Avalon began, players may create in this text based game their own quests with a simple system to share ideas of adventure.

Dramatic Events, Heroic Personae

the ultimate text based game

With over 25 years of history, Avalon has no parallel; great warlords, merchants, labourers, thieves, princes, barons, politicians, healing druids of legend, and the pinnacle of all mortals, those who have so mastered the realm to have become gods!

A Free Environment for Roleplay and Making History

Avalon is a text based RPG beloved of its long-playing members who are free to make history as they choose. The only limit is oneself; you cannot buy advantage or expect from the gods favouritism. Passions run high in this world of mortals and gods, there are no limits to what can be done!

And so much more...

The only way to know the finest text based game ever made is to plunge into the deep. Will you be the next to rise into the Pantheon?

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