Here you may find a roll-call of Avalon's cast of characters; the stars in our text based game narrative spanning twenty five years. Some you may recognise; many are even famous within our text rpg world; most will be unknown - all are a part of the longest continuous online roleplaying history in the rpg world.

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Lleu MorningstarMercinaeAlchemistsHyperion
Three-click Niloc, the SlumkinThakriaThievesNo Order
Tiele, Wolf Seer Of CentauriThakriaSeersNo Order
AerianThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Redionace of ParriusParriusRangersNo Order
Varis Danika, The VegaThakriaSeersXanthe
AbakuThakriaNo GuildNo Order
El Cid en la Batalla de AlmenarMercinaeBardsNo Order
Alkemisten Zephyros, Magiska CirkelenMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
NazgulThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Cathbhad of ParriusParriusAstrologersNo Order
Alchemist Ninjawarrior, Defender Of The LightMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Imbalanced Krystal, Enchanting DissonanceThakriaSirensXanthe
Kvothe of ParriusParriusBardsNo Order
Lancer of ParriusParriusRangersNo Order
Guilend Voidwalker in UmbraMercinaeMysticsHyperion
ThothThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Woodsman Lykus WolfbornMercinaeRangersNo Order
Thelfusa of MercinaeMercinaeRangersNo Order
Thotth of ParriusParriusAstrologersNo Order
Inquisitor Azarae, Divus of VengeanceThakriaSirensXanthe
Bad ZookaThakriaAssassinsThanatos
Married Ivantarue, the badging treeMercinaeAnimistsHyperion
HelgaNo CitizenshipAssassinsNo Order
Loremistress Prisma, Vengeance UnleashedThakriaLoremastersXanthe
Illiona, Waxing LyricalParriusAstrologersNo Order
Dorothea, Dancer of DreamsMercinaeBardsHyperion
Archmage Stray of the Sun, Maelstrom of LightMercinaeWizardsMalhavok
Wizard Ghandarin, The SmokerSilverfallsWizardsHyperion
AshlanirParriusEnchantersNo Order
Married Druidess Caelia, Petter of PoniesNo CitizenshipAnimistsNo Order
Sir Hellchaser, the Hammer of MercinaeMercinaeKnightsHyperion
Sir Raldon, Champion of LightMercinaeKnightsHyperion
Loremaster Phoenixx, Brother Of The FlameThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Apprentice Mage Leena of MercinaeMercinaeMagesNo Order
AstynaxThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Zyni of ParriusParriusAstrologersNo Order
Tyreal, the commonerParriusRangersNo Order
Heartshaker DistanciMercinaeRangersNo Order
Aislynn of ThakriaThakriaThievesNo Order
Raelyn of ThakriaThakriaSirensNo Order
Bastardly Balliol the RuinerThakriaSorcerersXanthe
Skyler, Lord of the Winter SolsticeNo CitizenshipMysticsWraith
Mad Matthias MaxParriusWarriorsNo Order
Ethereal MysterinParriusAstrologersCornelius
Big Brother Maldor Always WatchingThakriaSeersNo Order
Necrophona, The Elven TemptressThakriaSirensCornelius
Malovas, the MadThakriaNo GuildXanthe
Sir Teryn the Righteous BladeMercinaeKnightsHyperion
Ezgi, the Funeral DirectorSilverfallsAnimistsWraith