Here you may find a roll-call of Avalon's cast of characters; the stars in our text based game narrative spanning twenty five years. Some you may recognise; many are even famous within our text rpg world; most will be unknown - all are a part of the longest continuous online roleplaying history in the rpg world.

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Diamon Dona Filia LucemMercinaeAlchemistsHyperion
Winterfire, Lunar AscendantSilverfallsApostlesNo Order
Devilish Pandora Akuno, Pretty Little PsychoThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Squire Ninjawarrior of MercinaeMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Old Grandfather Groog of the GreenwoodNo CitizenshipAnimistsAldaron
Calagan Emissary of the Smiling ManThakriaNightbladesXanthe
Young Aeryx of ParriusParriusArtisansNo Order
Veradux The Eye Of The StoatThakriaNightbladesGeolin
Kalel of ThakriaThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Kiarn, Wicked WitchThakriaWarlocksLoki
Kveykva of ThakriaThakriaNightbladesXanthe
Squire Curor of MercinaeMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Mystfade the Dark TarotThakriaSorcerersGeolin
Young Killbear of SilverfallsSilverfallsSentinelsNo Order
Loremaster Argent Filler Of PotionsThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Apprentice Mystic Morhaedo of MercinaeMercinaeMysticsNo Order
Elyssia of MercinaeMercinaeRangersNo Order
FilannaNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Araxia of MercinaeMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Aryn of MercinaeMercinaeRangersNo Order
Maud the Droll-TellerGreenwoodBardsAldaron
Korvo Blackheart, The ApprenticeThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Mauxus of ThakriaThakriaNightbladesNo Order
Carbon MonoxideThakriaBrigandsNo Order
Mystical Avaviosi the MatetteParriusAstrologersNo Order
Skylar of ParriusParriusNightbladesNo Order
Titania the CruelParriusSirensNo Order
Aeryn the finder of lost childrenMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
Guilend Voidwalker in UmbraMercinaeMysticsNo Order
Wizard Marakath Deathbloom, LightweaverSilverfallsWizardsWraith
Karsha, Devil in a Black DressThakriaNightbladesNo Order
Reimund of MercinaeMercinaeRangersNo Order
Cynical Cedany, Seeress ExtraordinaireThakriaSeersNo Order
Faceless Pheadre, Fantastic PhantasmThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Young Kaimana of ThakriaThakriaNightbladesNo Order
Alchemystress Shakralay the PupalMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Destiel of MercinaeMercinaeRangersNo Order
Mad Hattress Lunette, the Bloody BitchThakriaCavaliersNo Order
EraegonThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Squire Deisler of MercinaeMercinaeKnightsNo Order
SilemMercinaeNightbladesNo Order
Gypsy Krayia, Woodland WandererNo CitizenshipAnimistsBrigantia
Quinn the Running ManSilverfallsApostlesAndromeda
Raukofarar of SilverfallsSilverfallsNo GuildNo Order
Gentle Billum of the fieldsSilverfallsSentinelsNo Order
Sir Hellchaser, the Hammer of MercinaeMercinaeKnightsAndromeda
Artisan BenthyasParriusArtisansNo Order
Young PelagiusMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
Bad Tempre the HuckleberryParriusArtisansNo Order
Viscount Daiwdan, Voice of the PastMercinaeBardsNo Order
Wizard Lamron The Fourth SketcherSilverfallsWizardsGenesis
DroxonParriusNightbladesNo Order
Shadow Thief Satsuki RavenhartThakriaNightbladesXanthe
Shiny little Pebble Nymaria, Pirate WitchParriusAstrologersNo Order
Cutthroat ClaraParriusNightbladesNo Order
Sapling Shuddah of RevelationMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
Apprentice Animist Typhus of SilverfallsSilverfallsAnimistsAndromeda
Sapere Draegothe VoidwalkerMercinaeMysticsNo Order
Inconel, Provisioner ExtraordinaireThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Apprentice Pypo, Student of the LeafThakriaAnimistsNo Order
Count Zio Hurindhel, Von CaesuraParriusSirensElmaethor
Ms Dimples, Playmate of the SatyrMercinaeRangersNo Order
Shadow Mistress Macaria, Faoin Realta SerpensThakriaWarlocksXanthe
Ezgi, Maker of MischiefSilverfallsNo GuildWraith