Members of the Prophets Guild

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Waylander, the Sightless OneGreeny's EdgeAndromeda
Arkusia, the FaithfulEleutheraWraith
Gandalf, Bane of DarknessKristanistiGenesis
Malic, the Voodoo KidKristanistiProteus
Prophet Evo ChrysalisNo CitizenshipWraith
Lady Katrina, Rose of the GreenwoodKristanistiAldaron
Kiem of SpringdaleEleutheraWraith
Catlania, Omnem Movere LapidemSpringdaleWraith
Inquisitive Avolus the YoungerEleutheraTelemachus
Rallos, Andare AzzuriCullodenNo Order
Chiante, Mistress of your DreamsSpringdaleNo Order
Morrigu, Mistress of Your FutureKristanistiNo Order
Sebastien, the prophetIsabellaNo Order
Nusuki, Shadow of the NorthCullodenNo Order
Snail Shyannah, the Drowned BadgerMercinaeNo Order
Yan, Under HeavenSpringdaleNo Order
Apprentice Prophet Miru of SpringdaleGreeny's EdgeNo Order
Fleeting DeckerSpringdaleNo Order
Apprentice Dacovo of SpringdaleKristanistiNo Order
Prophet Herotear The Enlightened of SpringdaleGreeny's EdgeNo Order
NoireyphSpringdaleNo Order
Apprentice Agrethea the Pixie ProphetessIsabellaNo Order
Apprentice Prophet Aeonite of SpringdaleCullodenNo Order
MaenadGaurthangNo Order
Apprentice Prophet Talthoru of SpringdaleIsabellaNo Order
Medraut Nightshade, Eye of The StormEleutheraNo Order
Rogkali, The PlacidSilverfallsNo Order
Lugh of SpringdaleCullodenNo Order
Polly Laraphen of SpringdaleGreeny's EdgeNo Order
Prophet in Training Imposter of SpringdaleCullodenNo Order
TrinityGreeny's EdgeNo Order
Gwydion of SpringdaleSpringdaleNo Order
Apprentice Prophetess Sheherazade of SpringdaleSpringdaleNo Order
Erinon, Forger of ShadowsIsabellaNo Order
Spygirl KimbaBarholmNo Order
Liferaine, ProphetIsabellaNo Order
Prophet AurensenSpringdaleNo Order
Apprentice Prophetess Sariah of SpringdaleEleutheraNo Order
Kravyn of SpringdaleIsabellaNo Order
Jascus, of SpringdaleGreeny's EdgeNo Order
Apprentice Prophet Tsukiko of SpringdaleCullodenNo Order
Affidare, Umbra IgnisKristanistiNo Order
Syramez, the PyroEleutheraNo Order
Apprentice Prophet Bendis of SpringdaleIsabellaNo Order
Gliadin, the MaskSpringdaleNo Order
Saphir, of the StonesSpringdaleNo Order
Mystical ZuxamahlCullodenNo Order
Questioning Goldenoak, stumped againParriusNo Order
YelisaKristanistiNo Order
The Prophet of TrothKristanistiNo Order
BrahanEleutheraNo Order
Apprentice Prophet Niznusan of SpringdaleEleutheraNo Order
Angeline of SpringdaleEleutheraNo Order
Young Calgore Wanderer of SpringdaleGreeny's EdgeNo Order
Lovely Kiera of SpringdaleSpringdaleNo Order
Peacefulchaos of ThakriaThakriaNo Order
Raphaim, Raging BullSpringdaleNo Order
Apprentice Prophet Deleon of SpringdaleKristanistiNo Order
Apostle Vangar of SpringdaleGreeny's EdgeNo Order
Silver-Tongued Zeyth LeporidaeGreeny's EdgeNo Order
Apprentice Prophet Rosecrux of SpringdaleSpringdaleNo Order
Apprentice Prophetess Merrin SnodgrassSpringdaleNo Order
Dieace Aether, the End's BeginningKristanistiNo Order
Saha of SpringdaleKristanistiNo Order
Apprentice Prophet Davitch of SpringdaleGreeny's EdgeNo Order
Dethinigar Pugna ObscurumGreeny's EdgeNo Order
Apprentice Prophet Treble of SpringdaleIsabellaNo Order
Apprentice Rudakus of SpringdaleSpringdaleNo Order
Shiva, StardancerIsabellaNo Order
Hural of SpringdaleIsabellaNo Order