Members of the Nightblades Guild

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Calagan Emissary of the Smiling ManThakriaXanthe
Black Cat VeraduxThakriaGeolin
Kveykva The WandererThakriaXanthe
Shakal The RopeThakriaThanatos
Windswept AugustMercinaeMalhavok
Sanguine Shadovar, Stargazer Of StarsParriusElmaethor
Angelic Sandy, Very Well BehavedThakriaXanthe
Narissa NightshadeThakriaCornelius
Boon, Scorpion of the Grey WoodSilverfallsAndromeda
Count Xandamere, the DamnedThakriaGenesis
The Pirate Lord Alcarindel, Dirty ThiefSilverfallsWraith
Venomous Solyst, The Pavor NocturnusParriusAndromeda
Snowlock, of the BloodThakriaGenesis
His Most Fantastic Emissary Mr Foxedup, Blademaster of ThievesThakriaAethon
Spying Solo, The Peeping ThiefParriusWraith
Just Mustardseed, the Smashin AssassinParriusWraith
Atropa Belladonna, Shadow BitchThakriaGeolin
One Anara, Many FacesThakriaElmaethor
Demented Hermit CorynThakriaXanthe
The shadow of EndyamonThakriaXanthe
Shadow Thief Satsuki RavenhartThakriaXanthe
Sneaky Salmakia, Midnight StalkerThakriaGenesis
Rugged Seirez the BarbarianParriusXanthe
Harper, Seller of Exotic MedicinesMercinaeMaedhros
Stealthy Scamp, The StripperParriusWraith
Notorious Knils NightshadeParriusXanthe
Cothod of ParriusParriusNo Order
Rockcold Steelhard of SilverfallsSilverfallsNo Order
Tira, The Living ShadowThakriaNo Order
Grimfan of ParriusParriusNo Order
Yoink of ThakriaThakriaNo Order
Young Parzival of ThakriaThakriaNo Order
Stealthy RashiParriusNo Order
Baldurs of ParriusParriusNo Order
Dareth IriarMercinaeNo Order
Mazadak of ParriusParriusNo Order
Darkvapor, Of Smoke And MirrorsMercinaeNo Order
Stern YaragnParriusNo Order
Agachak the ConfusedThakriaNo Order
Vlalkorth of ParriusParriusNo Order
BlaggardNo CitizenshipNo Order
Cutthroat Stiletto, Devil in a Red DressThakriaNo Order
Peregrin TookParriusNo Order
Black and BlueMercinaeNo Order
Eilam, The Soundless ShadeThakriaNo Order
Young Averitti Of ThakriaThakriaNo Order
Fabian of ParriusParriusNo Order
Aesi of ThakriaThakriaNo Order
Gilan of SilverfallsSilverfallsNo Order
Kleptomanical KakiharaParriusNo Order
Highly Credible Jaden, The Jagged EdgeThakriaNo Order
Zuraah of ThakriaThakriaNo Order
Pilfering Plaman ShadowlordThakriaNo Order
Back Stabber Mumbaki Of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
Hidden Armonia Of The AlleysParriusNo Order
Whisper of ThakriaThakriaNo Order
Kitkat of ThakriaThakriaNo Order
Deathtrap SturgeCorionaNo Order
Gasher Of ParriusParriusNo Order
Remi of ThakriaThakriaNo Order
Thief GraedesGaurthangNo Order
Qrow the dusty old crowMercinaeNo Order
Loner Xing, Mercinaen Thief RingleaderMercinaeNo Order
Sveya of ParriusParriusNo Order
Duke Grendel, of AgincourtThakriaNo Order
Honest Jake the Eternally ConfusedMercinaeNo Order
Tenebriel in the shadowsSilverfallsNo Order
TelshinParriusNo Order
I Dunno Idun, I Didn't Do ItMercinaeNo Order
Dragonslayer Fleetfoot, Little Liche-ChokerParriusNo Order
Pamwe, Apprentice IncognitoParriusNo Order
Korvo the UnluckyThakriaNo Order
Nytheria of ThakriaThakriaNo Order
Mauxus of ThakriaThakriaNo Order
The RatfaceMercinaeNo Order
Young Shadowdragon of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
Karsha, Devil in a Black DressThakriaNo Order
Xian of ThakriaThakriaNo Order
Brother Silk, Spider of the EastParriusNo Order
HanannMercinaeNo Order
Kesrick, The Humble MerchantMercinaeNo Order
Smokin' Rope ButtonsSpringdaleNo Order
Young Kaimana of ThakriaThakriaNo Order
Sneaky GaridMercinaeNo Order
Demosthenes, the KnifeThakriaNo Order
Willo Geier, Of The GreyParriusNo Order
Vitesse, The Bookworm BanditThakriaNo Order
Wisp in the WillowsThakriaNo Order
Godgrandfather AhmadThakriaNo Order
Don Hansgraff, The New Don of AvalonParriusNo Order
Jacob, Apprentice of ShadowsParriusNo Order
Silent Zedd, Mime in a boxThakriaNo Order
SilemMercinaeNo Order
Sly Iktomi, the TricksterThakriaNo Order
Kara of ThakriaThakriaNo Order
Soyou of ThakriaThakriaNo Order
AlucardMercinaeNo Order
Eretria RoverSilverfallsNo Order
Now Yanking Yulienka, A Total StarThakriaNo Order
Sly Sejik, Sneak of the SouthMercinaeNo Order
A sort of EuphorianMercinaeNo Order
Feral Fysher, the FurtiveThakriaNo Order
Dreeman Fye, Oh So SlyNo CitizenshipNo Order
Greedy Gwnyth, The UpholstererParriusNo Order
Ukihiro of ThakriaThakriaNo Order
Don Tukar, Godfather of AvalonEastwoodsNo Order
Rascally Rowanhunter, The RogueMercinaeNo Order
Guybrush of ThakriaThakriaNo Order
Karah The PersuaderThakriaNo Order
Shadowling CiceroThakriaNo Order
Hiniya, Student of EntropyParriusNo Order
SaxxonParriusNo Order
Barbie N Kensley ButterfingersParriusNo Order
Shventin, emerging from the shadowsSilverfallsNo Order
Lightfingers, the FacelessThakriaNo Order
Alonn of ParriusParriusNo Order
Bubblin Crude JethroThakriaNo Order
Merlin of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
Wolfclaw NightstalkerParriusNo Order
Caius, Shinobi of the Black DawnThakriaNo Order
Young Cole of ThakriaThakriaNo Order
Irthiil, the Feather's TouchThakriaNo Order
Sly Sextus, The Sneaky ThiefParriusNo Order
CrimsonSpringdaleNo Order
Anemonie of ThakriaThakriaNo Order
Zany Zwit, Zabulous ZiefParriusNo Order
Phantom, the Wondering SoulParriusNo Order
Zany Zannah, Zabulous ZiefThakriaNo Order
Rayvn the Cat BurglarMercinaeNo Order
Deaththekid of ParriusParriusNo Order
Erotic Eris, Philosophical PhilandererParriusNo Order
Redzapdos of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
Sooty Timgarn of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
Huck Silverseed, Clownfish in your AnenomeParriusNo Order
DroxonParriusNo Order
Cunning Kakashi, Cackling Over His CacheSpringdaleNo Order
Stealthy IronhandParriusNo Order
Reticent Raffles the Baffling BurglarThakriaNo Order
ChironMercinaeNo Order
Terrana, The InnocentParriusNo Order
Uwoiame, One Woman PosseSpringdaleNo Order
Hizembu of SilverfallsSilverfallsNo Order
TannariThakriaNo Order
Tengen, the commonerThakriaNo Order
Javix, the Belligerent OneParriusNo Order
Micheo, Purging Your DreamsParriusNo Order
Stealthy CarllenMercinaeNo Order
Yvalia, Apprentice ThiefThakriaNo Order
Wetset Of ThakriaThakriaNo Order
VasilisaParriusNo Order
Clever Keras, Cunning and KleptomaniacalThakriaNo Order
Oppression without FurglewortParriusNo Order
Apprentice SilentgreenCullodenNo Order
Oily SiouxParriusNo Order
Graham of the ShadowsThakriaNo Order
KasumiThakriaNo Order
Adept Aaristia, Agile AcquirerMercinaeNo Order
Eager Valin, The Young ThieflingThakriaNo Order
RyvenParriusNo Order
Cryptic SayingsSilverfallsNo Order
Tuki the OverzealousParriusNo Order
Suspicious Servius GalbaParriusNo Order
Special Kaine For The SoulThakriaNo Order
Artful Arwen, Minx of ThakriaThakriaNo Order
Cutthroat ClaraParriusNo Order
SixThakriaNo Order
BassarioMercinaeNo Order
Borkar Completing His VendettaParriusNo Order
ThorneMercinaeNo Order
Mistress Mailia, La Rosa NegraThakriaNo Order
Valdon of ThakriaThakriaNo Order
Young Trevor, The Fledgling ShadowMercinaeNo Order
MelodiaParriusNo Order
Iolas, of the Revered TenguMercinaeNo Order
Nephyst, of The VoidThakriaNo Order
TristaMercinaeNo Order
Crime Time Dweia, the Bumbling BanditThakriaNo Order
Faolan, Tenebras FataliSilverfallsNo Order
stealthy TenebreusGreeny's EdgeNo Order
Raspil, The YoungThakriaNo Order
Pandemonium, Apprentice of ShadowsParriusNo Order
Tommen, Fledgling ShadowParriusNo Order
IdonaThakriaNo Order
Thrathgar, the Red EminenceParriusNo Order
Poetic Hiemos the ShadowbornNo CitizenshipNo Order
Avallach, Dragon of the ShadowParriusNo Order
Taita, the Agriculturalist HippieThakriaNo Order
PelleifMercinaeNo Order
Varys, Apprentice of ThieveryParriusNo Order
Picklock Arges the Kleptomaniac ThiefThakriaNo Order
Gospatric of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
HaversParriusNo Order
Light-fingered Lovens of ParriusParriusNo Order
Karl of ParriusParriusNo Order
Intrepid UnverParriusNo Order
Zarcam of ThakriaThakriaNo Order
Alderindor of ParriusParriusNo Order
Sneaky WahryrParriusNo Order
Khaitlynn of ThakriaThakriaNo Order
Forget of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
Gavin, Prometheus of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
Renald of ParriusParriusNo Order
Thanas of ParriusParriusNo Order
Boki of ThakriaThakriaNo Order
Ezren of ParriusParriusNo Order
SerephaParriusNo Order
Tarian, of the WarrenThakriaNo Order