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Born 30-8-2008

Islas is a citizen of Parrius and a member of the Necromancers Guild.


He successfully prostrated himself as a Devotee in the Order of Cornelius, the god of magic on the 1st day of Cloudburst 1271.

He was awarded the status Elder of the Necromancers Guild on the 27th day of Eleuthral 1288 by Goten The Necromancer.

He had the status of Guild Elder stripped on 24th day of Cloudburst 1320, by decree of Karkhan.

He was welcomed into the Order of Ashvani on the 7th day of Mournsend 1338.

If you wish to know more about Islas, type HISTORY ISLAS to read his full character history. Check BIOS and see LIFESTORY ISLAS if his biography is available in any of the libraries.

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