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Loremaster Dundee, Thakrian

Born 24-7-2009

Dundee is a citizen of Thakria and a member of the Loremasters Guild.


He was welcomed into the Order of Loki on the 21st day of Mournsend 1249.

The Council of Lore accepted his request for Opalescence specisalisation on the 15th day of Eleuthral 1255.

On the 28th day of Hindyear 1304 he denounced the patronage of Loki, the god of fire.

He was welcomed into the Order of Ashvani on the 28th day of Hindyear 1304.

He was awarded the status Elder of the Loremasters Guild on the 28th day of Mournsend 1333 by Tyranis, god of war.

He is known to be active in Avalon at this time.

If you wish to know more about Dundee, type HISTORY DUNDEE to read his full character history. Check BIOS and see LIFESTORY DUNDEE if his biography is available in any of the libraries.

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