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Dobbler, Lord of the Wasteland

Born 18-9-2010

Dobbler is a citizen of Parrius and a member of the Astrologers Guild.

He is a Guild Elder.


On the 26th day of Paglost 1273, he completed apprenticeship in the Astrologers guild and took the profession of the Seer.

He successfully prostrated himself to Lady Gwendolyn, Suffix-Free Since 1273, blessed with access to the Order of Orthwein as a worshipper on the 7th day of Leaflost 1278.

On the 7th day of Mournsend 1297, Cornelius bestowed the blessings of the pantheon, enabling him to explore the Seer profession's highest heights and deepest secrets.

On the 7th day of Mournsend 1297 he denounced the patronage of Orthwein, the god of fate.

*He successfully prostrated himself as a Devotee in the Order of Cornelius, the god of magic on the 7th day of Mournsend 1297.

He gained the True Mystic specialist skills from Erev, the Puppetmaster on the 23rd of Midsummer 1297.

He was awarded the status Elder of the Tyranis, god of war Guild on the 11th day of Skyelong 1312 by Tyranis, god of war.

*He gained promotion in the Order of Cornelius, the god of magic, to the rank of Devout Believer in the "Middle Order" Chapter. The promotion was given on the 19th day of Ilmarael 1344.

He is known to be active in Avalon at this time.

If you wish to know more about Dobbler, type HISTORY DOBBLER to read his full character history. Check BIOS and see LIFESTORY DOBBLER if his biography is available in any of the libraries.

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