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1. Welcome to Avalon

From the first moment you enter Avalon, you embark upon a journey into the imagination.

Avalon is a role playing world (often called an RPG or MUD), a mythological environment in which you can develop your own character and interact with other real-life and imaginary beings. This is a continent of legends and detailed histories, both past and in the making. Step into this world and you may become an integral part, a major character in an unfolding tale, a great figure in the next noteworthy event in Avalon's illustrious history.

Avalon is played in real time. This means that as you are thinking and acting, events will continue to progress around your character. Avalon is also a multiuser world or MUD which means there are many other real-life players who you will meet during your time within the land.

Avalon is an ever evolving RPG world and you will play a part in the history of that world. Build your reputation and become a respected or feared member of society, actions taken by you can alter the world for good or evil as you help to shape history on your journey of enlightenment and the ultimate quest for ordination and immortality. The Gods, who have defied mortality, will play a crucial role in your character's development.

These few introductory pages are not intended as a full introduction to Avalon, only experiencing the land for yourself can fully prepare you for what is in store. Instead, it is hoped they will help those new to the land by supplementing the on-line HELP that is constantly available and by providing a glimpse of the possibilities open to all players.

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