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Welcome to Avalon, Interactive Online Fantasy Game World.

This is no ordinary role playing fantasy game. This is the classic online interactive fantasy game world known as Avalon; The Legend lives!

Within this online fantasy game world, you will be required to pit your wits against other players from all over the real world, who, like yourself, have taken up the greatest of all interactive fantasy game challenges; to be born into the land of Avalon and to carve out a place for themselves in legend.

Unlike other fantasy games, and despite Avalon having its own calendar which progresses in its own way, actions happen in real time. Furthermore, as it is an online interactive game events will always continue around you even while you are thinking or preparing to take action. This is because other real players will be making their own decisions and causing their own impact to be felt on the fantasy role playing game environment you also inhabit.

The evolution of Avalon never ceases and because it is an interactive game you have the chance to influence history's progress within the fantasy game world and your character will become known for the impact it has on that world, whether your influence is through magical abilities, prowess with the sword or bow, via political cunning or strategic thinking, or inspirational trading or some mixture of all of these things. Your role may take on any and all of these and many more aspects. The role playing game world is open to you and is limited by little more than your own imagination in an interactive fantasy game of this complexity and depth.

If you are feeling in wreckless mood or are already confident of your own abilities you may wish to:

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Alternatively for more basic information View Intro Contents or carry on to the next page of the fantasy game introduction Character Building.

For in-depth details on the online interactive fantasy game world of Avalon there is a full tome of help, history and hints to be read by clicking on the Manual link at the top of this page.

Featured deity: Cornelius, the God of Magic
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