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30.22 Seeds for crops, trees, and general flora.

There are many seeds in Avalon, each a magical microcosm bearing the future blueprint of something far greater than many a so-called miracle. Such is the wonder of Mother Nature and her myriad designs.

Here is a list of the common, accessible seeds on the mainland continent: acorns, hempseed, potato eyes, wheatseed, sugarcane, cottonseed, bananaseed, appleseed, plumseed, pearseed, spiceseed, roseseed, fig-seed, nectarine stones, peach stones, hazelnuts, quinceseeds, apricot stones, cherrystones, mulberry seeds, avocado pips, rowanberries, chestnuts, juniperseeds, soypods and grass-seeds.

Most botanists or keen farmers hold the seeds in a seed-belt, a ten pouched belt capable of containing a large collection of assorted seeds in protective pockets. Well worth investing in if you intend on a serious future in either the farming or the botanical arts.

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