HelpSection 3030.10 Salevalue

The sale-value command.

Syntax: SALEVALUE <item> <value> or SALEVALUE ALL <item> [<value>].

SALEVALUE is a useful command which reviews or sets the price a shop will sell items for, to the general purchaser. It is immediately reflected in the GOODS list of any shop, stall or mercantile establishment. If you do not include a value then you will simply be told the current sale value for the designated object.

When using SALEVALUE ALL you will be reviewing or altering the sale value price for items of the type based on the one you refer to when you issue the command so when using SALEVALUE ALL make sure you specify the item with its unique number to designate the "type" precisely; to ensure you set price or review price on objects of the correct type.

Examples: you have many types of cloak for sale, and cloak1234 happens to be "a green cloak" so SALEVALUE ALL CLOAK1234 50 would price all green cloaks at 50 gold coins. You decide you want to remove these cloaks from sale so SALEVALUE ALL CLOAK1234 0 would take them off the GOODS list. You want to check all your green cloak prices: SALEVALUE ALL CLAK1234 and no number/price will do so.

You can set the salevalue on all personal ownable items and on commodities and indeed anything you find sellable via shops, stalls or markets. Value changes are logged to be viewed in SHOPACTIONS by any with sufficient privilege e..g.. the owner of the shop. Setting a sale value to 0 will take the item (or all items of the specified type) off the GOODS list, i..e. ensuring they are not for sale.

NOTE: you can abbreviate SALEVALUE to SV to save time.

You will only be able to use SALEVALUE if you are a ranking guildmember of the guild owner of a shop, or a ranking government representative of the city owner of a shop; or if the shop is owned by an individual then you must be the owner him/herself or have been FRIENDed to a value of 90 or above by the owner.

See HELP SHOPS for detailed info on shops and buying/selling items, and HELP FRIENDS for details how to declare your friends and enemies should you wish to use this facility.