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30.10 The Wolfhound races of Thakria.

Wolfhound racing takes place in the city of Thakria, having ransacked the concession from the ruins of Springdale when Thakria sacked and despoiled Springdale in the late 12th century aDW. The races are conducted in an underground cavern accessible from a ramshackle hut in Thakria's shanty-town, its entrance guarded by a hunchback.

Wolfhounds race for victory in laps of the track, the winner being the first to complete the circuit but money can be made by betting on any of the top three. You may indulge in betting upon the outcome of a single wolfhound, and if it wins then you receive back five times your original stake. If it comes in second, then you receive double your original stake back, and for third place you do not lose anything. In the event of a tie, then the wolfhounds will continue to race until one wins.

Whilst within the race area, you may use the following commands:
BET <amount> ON <wolfhound> - Places a bet on the outcome of the race.
BETS - Gives you a list on who has bet on what so far.
WOLFHOUNDS - Lists the wolfhounds taking part in your race.
POSITIONS - To view the wolfhound race positions.

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