HelpSection 3030.8 Races

The Wolfhound races of Thakria.

There are a number of gambling opportunities in Avalon, most notably the dicing dens and the wolfhound races. The former is attached to Morwen's Gambling Halls in Mercinae (off Moon Street) while the latter is found hidden by the eastern wall in the slumland quarter of Thakria's east bank. The wolfhound race concession was ransacked from the ruins of Springdale when Thakria sacked and despoiled Springdale in the late 12th century aDW. The races are conducted in an underground cavern accessible from a ramshackle hut guarded by a hunchback.

The dicing dens are very simple: BET on one of the numbers and ROLL the dice to see if fortune smiles on you. The game becomes more complicated with multiple participants and you must seek the dens themselves should you wish to be instructed in the intricacies of Morwen's renowned tables.

The wolfhound races are better known and straightforward: ten wolfhounds race for victory on an underground track, the winner being the first to complete the circuit. Money can be won by betting on the outcome and placing your bet on winner, second or third placed hound will result in profit. Bets must be placed before the race begins. Backing the winner gives you five times your stake; second place wins you double your stake and third place results in the stake money being returned.

Listen to the announcements when at the racing area location and type BET <amount> ON <wolfhound> at the appropriate time to lay the specific amount of gold coins on your chosen hound. Type BETS to see who has bet on which hound if others are with you. WOLFHOUNDS lists the hounds present and ready to contend the current race and, once a race is underway, type POSITIONS (or POSI for short) to see how your favourite hound is doing; to see where each hound is presently placing as the race progresses. There are said to be ways to influence the outcome of the wolfhound race but such nefarious practices need not be detailed here.