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18.3 The Prince: embodiment of the power of the Crown.

The Prince is the leader of a city, generally to whom all the Barons have unanimously sworn an oath of allegiance. The Prince will generally also hold Baronial rank and must be of noble blood. The Prince is the symbol and embodiment of the power of the Crown. The Prince is invariably a city's most honoured, highly respected citizen; the leader (in behaviour, ideals and morality) and one of the major guiding forces of the City-State.

The powers of the Prince are to define the city - as a state - and to appoint the Prime Minister and the Field Marshall. Oft-times the Prince will directly appoint the various heads of the ministries (see HELP GOVERNMENT) though this task is typically delegated to the Prime Minister. The Prince is the source of noble titles, giving or stripping, and is a perquisite signature on any treaties affecting the City-State and its present or future status.

Princely appointment is through the baronial council. All Barons swear an OATH of loyalty: to no-one, to themselves or to a prospective Prince. Princely rank is only bestowed when the council is undivided: unanimously supporting the chosen Prince or majority supporting with NOBODY swearing loyalty to a rival candidate. Princely rank is stripped as soon as a Baron changes his/her oath to declare publicly for an alternative choice (as opposed to oathing nobody). NOTE: it is not possible to depose a Prince merely by swearing an oath to oneself - it must be an oath to another member of the baronial council, thus evidencing support rather than leaving a city without a leader for the sake of a solitary self-oathing.

The Prince has various specific commands and many shared with his or her chosen Prime Minister (see HELP CROWNING) but as the 'de jure' leader of a City-State the power of a Prince lies as much in his/her freedom to use the full range of commands available than their mere existence. The Prince is, by default, an aide to all ministries - for the purpose of command-set availability. Certain extra Princely command are listed below:

BRAND              To brand an individual friend or enemy.
BESTOW             To bestow a ministry on an individual.
PREFIX/SUFFIX      To change a citizens' prefix or suffix.
AIDE/UNAIDE        To give out aideships (or remove them) as you see fit.
GIVETITLE          To give city title to a fellow citizen.
STRIPTITLE         To strip away city title from a fellow citizen.
DIPLOMATS          To review the city's chosen diplomats.
DIPLOMAT           Command to bestow or cancel diplomat status from another.
QUESTMASTER <ply> To give out the rank of Quest Master to one noble citizen.
ALLOCATE <guild>   To change the guildsoil allocation of a guild location.
ENTRY <direction> To command "right of entry" opening/unlocking doors.
GUILDHOUSE         On your homeland soil you can review your home-guildhouses.
JOURNAL <text>     Add a permanent text entry to the Avalon journal.

Princes and city/village leaders are able to walk through orb of protection shielding on their homesoil locations. Permission to enter restricted areas is next-to-instant and the Prince is able to act in lieu of dormant guildmasters on behalf of Guilds within his or her city walls.

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