HelpSection 1818.12 Marshall

The Field Marshall: Leader of the Armies.

The Field Marshall is the supreme commander of the armed forces of a city. Although he has no responsibility over the treasury or the building of barracks, in times of battle, the Field Marshall is ultimately responsible for leading the legions of a city, for appointing (and firing) the various military positions within the city army and for the declarations of occupation and conquest. The Field Marshall tends to be the individual whose duty it is to layout a city's defensive plan, for ensuring fortifications are properly placed and tended, and masterminding any sphere-of-influence expansion or foreign invasion.

The Field Marshall MUST be well versed in the complexities of Avalon warfare (see HELP 21): if not in offensive and siege warfare then certainly in the direction of a city or territory's defence against invasion. The Field Marshall has the following commands to set up the homeland military:

MILITARY             Shows the entire city military command-structure.
MILITARY RECORDS     Shows all annually recorded army size/enlistments.
COLONELS             Provides a list of all those with Colonel rank.
GENERALS             Displays a list of those citizens with General rank.
AIDES                Lists out those citizens with Field Marshall aideship.
BATTLEFIELD [area]   Reviews, as closely as possible, the chosen battlefield.

MILITARY <rank> <citizen> Bestows the rank to a lucky citizen.

   Ranks are: GENERAL, COLONEL and AIDE.
MILITARY UN<rank> <cit>    To demote the citizen, removing specified rank.
   Ranks listed would be: UNGENERAL, UNCOLONEL and UNAIDE.

BATTLEACTIONS and SOIACTIONS are used to review the log of actions for the battlefield and for the sphere of influence of your homeland.

Help section #21 (HELP 21) contains full documentation of the Avalon warfare system along with all its commands and facets. These should be compulsory reading for, at the very least, the Field Marshall and the Generals. Generals share the Field Marshall's complete 'authority' over all city homeland legions and battlefield. Colonels enjoy similar 'authority' over all homeland legions not exclusively assigned to be commanded solely by "Authority Figures (as depicted in LEGION INFO <legion>). Authority figures in this context are the Prince, the Field Marshall and those of General rank only.