HelpSection 3030.19 Globeaction

Actions a citizen can bring about via divine globes.

There are many powers that can be called upon by a worthy citizen when

in the presence (or otherwise) of the divine globe set as the altarpiece

of his/her city patron's temple. These are listed below. It should be borne

in mind that all have different impact on the remaining resources of the

divine globe available to one's fellow citizens and thus its might should be

used with due to care to others. Many can use the globe at the same time

but its potency, once depleted, must be recharged by dint of passing years

and deeds as described in HELP GLOBEIDEALS and HELP GLOBES.

Syntax: GLOBE <effect> [<parameters>]. The powers of the divine globe are

available only to those of graduate status; not to be used by novices or

youngsters still to complete their accolades.

Here is a list of the basic, largely homesoil centered powers evoked through the divine globe:

"refresh" to aid your health on a regular basis.

"lessonup" to boost the effectiveness of your lessons.

"boost" to temporarily boost your general skill levels.

"disruption" to drain health and disrupt enemy equilibrium on home soil.

"enemyspot" to have your city's great globe spot city enemies instantly.

"wisdom" to pour wisdom into the taverns of your homeland.

"portals" to open divinely resilient portals to those on your homesoil.

"notify" to notify you of enemy movement within your homeland.

"lockguild" to lock and entomb all of the guild doors tied to your keys.

"lockshops" to lock and entomb all of the shop doors tied to your keys.

"lockmydoors" to lock and entomb all of the doors your keys unlock.

"broadcast" to broadcast the words of your city across the land.

"empowering" to parse divine globe power into fixed globestaves in the city.

"neutralise" to temporarily neutralise any disfavour effects on home soil.

"dodgewise" to gain the wisdom to dodge the approach of your city enemies.

"artifacts" to call upon divine intervention to seek out quest artifacts.

"guardians" to set divinely inspired guardians watching homeland treasures.

"sacrifices" to empower the altar with a period of enhanced offering worth.

"luminosity" to illuminate the entirety of your homeland.

"summoning" to bring friends (mutuality require) to your aid via divine portal.

"supercraft" to aid the pace of the specialist craftsmen about their task.

"globestaves" imbues a specially prepared stave (a staff whose head is set with a crystalline orb) with a mobile globe-power, for carrying abroad and fixing in a location to emanate a range of powers. Globestaves emanate their powers from the orb, the colour of its luminescence denoting its potency. Bards have unique enchantments to influence globe-stave activity while Loremaster professionals with their intimate understanding of the magic stave (through rune-stave fashioning) are able to fell the globe-stave with their own lorestaff. See HELP GLOBESTAVES for further info on this most powerful of the "publicly available" artifacts.

Many of the divine globe powers (particularly those brought about without the channeling of a globestave) operate over large, often city-wide areas. The hegemony enjoyed by a city's globe is contested only when it collidess with the location-bonded influence of a seeing stone. The Seer profession is in the singular position of being able to delimit or expand globe influence by bringing to bear assorted abililties from the Farsight skill-set.