HelpSection 1818.7 Aideship

Aides to government positions.

Citizens may type HELP followed by the name of their city to gain a list of their city's government, and AIDES followed by a title (Chancellor, Marshall, Justice, State, Foreign, Relations and Trade) to gain a list of Aides responsible to the government. Aideships allow citizens of lesser status or citizens with other responsibilities all the commands of the title - they are given out by the title holder by typing AIDE followed by the name of the citizen, followed by that title (e.g. AIDE TRAGNARION CHANCELLOR). Do not give out Aideships frivolously, it is better to have few trusted aides who perform their duties well than many bumbling incompetent aides undermining the city. Titleholders and aides should fully familiarise themselves with the commands associated with their position.