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AvPlay for Windows

AvPlay has been specially written to cater for those relatively new to Avalon, though its features make it suitable for all levels of player. It is a simple and compact client, quick to download and easy to install on any Windows PC. Avplay integrates directly with your existing internet connection without any messing around with your internet settings.

Click HERE to download AvPlay. Then simply run the software and it will set itself up automatically. You'll be able to start playing in no time.

The latest version of AvPlay is version 5c. If you are running a version prior to this, you should download the update by clicking HERE. You will also need a Zip archiver such as WinZip. The Readme file within the update contains details on how to proceed.

AvPlay For Windows FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Is AvPlay shareware?
AvPlay is freeware, no fees or donations are required and each release is fully featured with no expiry date.

Q. Is AvPlay just for playing Avalon?
No. Although it incorporates special interactive features for use while playing Avalon, all the main features listed above should work with all MUD or RPG Adventure games.

Q. What are some of the features that AvPlay offers?
Here are some of the most useful:
  • Command line history for quick recall of typed commands.
  • File logging to save your sessions to disk.
  • Split screen scrollback with copy and paste facilities.
  • Well over 140 user definable macros and macro viwer plus 250 definable aliases.
  • Triggers to enable automatic reaction to a fast-moving situation.
  • User definable targets to maximise macro and alias flexibility.
  • Point and click interactive mouse control over basic commands and compass directions.
  • Automatic commands at timed intervals.
  • Full and detailed on-line help.

Q. How easy is it to install?
Simply run the file you have downloaded in a temporary directory and it will prepare the relevant files, then run setup as you would with any other Windows application and you'll be all set.

Q. Where do I get it?
In addition to right here, on our own site, AvPlay can be found in the Winsock section on many FTP sites and their mirrors, or you can download it directly from this page. Each new full release has a complete version for new users and a much smaller upgrade file for existing users.

Q. Can I get help if I have problems using the package?
Yes. There is comprehensive on-line help available. Failing that there is a support system through e-mail to You should give as full a description of the problem as possible and include the version of Avplay you are using.

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