Sylvanus, god of the earthto Everyone

As appointed from the Paradigm Ranger, I shall be continuing towards our next Ordination with the quest for the divine onyx.

The quest will be held on SATURDAY the 27TH of JUNE at 10PM GMT/ 5PM EST. The Onyx bestows upon its wielder the access to all of the varied animal forms, as well as joining the illustrious ranks of the contenders for ordination.

This quest, like the sapphire, will be held on the battleisle and its format shall be the SANDS. Read over HELP BATTLEISLE and HELP SANDS for more details.

As per the format, I will be starting with four teams, those who wish to captain should notify me of their intent. Team selection shall be by captain's choice, with an eye for balanced and fair teams. Bonds such as citizenship and guild alliance are not relevant during such events. All are encouraged to participate, those of all sizes and skills are welcome.

Those with questions are welcome to direct them towards myself via tell or message.

Type JOIN GEMQUEST to declare your intent to participate!

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