To find the instigator of two campaigns (both unsuccesful), bemoaning the harshness of the actions of the two cities is quite amusing. I recall an act of war by Parrius against Thakria for something that happened to an individual by someone unconnected with Thakria at the time. Guess who erected it? Yes. It was Mercy the freedom loving. Then we have Coriona. I would like to gamble that it was yourself who initiated the whole recent madness. That Parrius tolerates such reckless behaviour from one of its barons is little short of miraculous, and if ever there was a justification for a war, a mad leader in command of a group is a good one. You are dangerous. You nearly brought ruin for all, this time succeeding in pushing three cities to war. I wonder what you will achieve next time you feel like dabbling in politics that you do not understand?