No, you're wrong

In this, Mercinae is not hypocritical, they are being very consistent. Their existance as a city of justice has been affirmed and established now before us all, just as Thakria's of strength. If Mercinae were to stand idly by, they would not truly b e a city of justice that they let a helpless city get invaded by unwelcome hostile forces.

Alliances are broken, just like friendships. Mercinae has a perfectly good reason for war, being that parrius repeatedly had the chance to stand down, and they refused. They pay for what they do, they are responsible, and Mercinae should not be alli ed to or even support a city such as that.

Thakria does not believe in this either, nor do they appreciate the idea of armed aggressors from Parrius taking over other villages in avalon.

Mad Wylan, the Black Warlock