Mercinae and justice

ok, make that 2 messgaes, half was eaten. Basically don't continue to bleat about 'how you are rescuing coriona from sapiences agression' There are no people of ANY kind in sapience or coriona. so how anything can happen between them, i am baffled. This was a blatant act of agression. We refuse to stand by and let you thumb your nose at the rest of us, assuming that we will not act to prevent you taking al the comms. You might note, that springdale occupied ladakh, and got exactly the same response as you are getting now. They however, backed down and did not go far enough to provoke a war. You have made your bed, now lie in it.

I'm sure if Mercinae was to invade a hapless viallge, we would also be threatened - note however, that we don't. Anyway, please don't turn this into a personal contest. There is no need, for this has little to do with personal views. you do your duty, I do mine. And both of ours is to our citizens. Letting you deprive us of comms would not be good for them, and must be stopped now

Archmage Hero, minister, Baron and GuildMaster