War With Parrius

Master Artisan Allanonto Everyone

I am a loyal follower of Apollo and loyal to the city which I live in, Mercinae.

I am shocked at the current situation whereby a total invasion has occured by Mercinae troops.

Parrius handling of the Coriona situation has been bad.

Freeing Coriona - perfectly reasonable action to take Being pissed off by Parrius Arrogance - Understandable Wanting to teach Parrius a little lesson - harsh but ok Declaring War or maybe a warning battlement - very harsh Aiding Thakria in teaching Parrius a lesson - debatable Full Scale Invasion by Mercinae - Justifiable??????????

Personally I placed in a difficult position - my guild is based in Parrius and I have many Parrian friends.

I will take no action to either directly aide or prevent this invasion - A war lasts 30 hours - hopefully this time is enough to determine public opinion within Merciane.