Citizens Of Parrius

Sir Cimares, The Shadow Cavalierto Everyone

In my role for Minister for Public Relations, I believe I must now open an offer to all Parrian Citizens.

Your Barony has let you down, They have made rash decisions and then not given you any resoning for it. You have been effectivly ignored, but out even discarded.

But Fear not, The Cities of Thakria and Mercinae are open. Any citizen who wishes to flee the war torn state of Parrius can look upon us for shelter. This action is not against you. The actions is against the uncaring barons and ministers of your so called \"Free\" city

Listen not to their tales of Evil in Thakria. Ignore their attempts at scaring you with tales of midnight sacrifes, and feasting upon babies.

Thakria is not about evil. It is about strength and power. How strong is thakria? Well, Bear in mind that the last three god's mortal avatars resided there.

Keep all this in mind as you suffer for the actions of your Barony.

Regards... Sir Cimares Thakrian Minister for Public Relations