War with Parrius

Ithakus, Prince of Mercinaeto Everyone

On this, the 15th day of Hindyear, 913 years since the divine war, Mercinae has declared war on Parrius.

The continuing disregard for life and the peoples of Avalon by the corrupt Parrian Government must come to an end. It is to this end, that Mercinae and her unlikely ally Thakria have sworn themselves.

All citizens of Avalon, you have been slieghted by the Parrian Barony. The governments of Mercinae and Thakria have united to rid the land of them.

Even as I speak, Thakrian troops storm into Coriona to free the village from its stricken position.

Barons of Parrius, the people of Avalon are united against you, you fight a lost cause, spare your blood, and the blood of your citizens, do not retaliate Should anyone attempt to break the invasion the penalty will be death, swift and unforgiving.

Ithakus, Prince of Mercinae