Interference in city business

Mercy, Teller of Fine Fortunesto Everyone

Well, well, well. The other cities of Avalon finally show their true colours. I must say that the Thakrian post was no surprise. Being full of bullies, Thakria would naturally demand and whine and stamp their hobnailed boots. Congratulations, Sethanor, you fit the mould well. And Ithakus, my old friend. Don't think anyone missed the veiled threats contained in your smooth diplomatic message. I must say it was a bit surprising, but not completely. The threat you propose is no less just because you surround it with flowery words.

I will say this very plainly so you can all understand. Parrius is an independent city. We do not take orders from you. Parrius will drive it's own destiny, and we will do it without help from either of you. We may have a response to the post from Thakria. If we do, we will post it on our schedule not yours, Sethanor. Do not try to tell Parrius or Parrians what to do. We have never stood for it before and we won't stand for it now.

Baroness Mercy - for Parrius, city of Freedom