Sick of Being Called A coward

Master Artisan Allanonto Everyone

I would like to publicly state a few points as I am sick of being called a coward.

Sometimes a kill is required, in the case of Jharrik it was for his repeated abuse of the laws of the city I reside in, as an aide to Justice it was my DUTY to act.

Now if i attempt to kill someone I will do it in the easiest way possible, with the least risk to me - to me that is not being a coward that is being sensible.

My profession as does Jharriks requires surprise for a good attack - HOWEVER - there are many enemies I am not longer able to use some tricks on because they have learnt and adpated, Jharrik is not one of those.

In this instance Justice was done and it cannot even be claimed I am far superior to Jharrik.

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