Riding the Ship

Moebius the Blackheartedto Master Artisan Allanon

I'll answer for the Sorcerer's Guild in this case since the message is most likely aimed at me.

I did not summon the ship for a few reasons:

1) There was no way I was going to give you the satisfaction of shipping me. You were so proud of your \"bravery\" and \"inventivness\" and wanted to ship me to prove it. Too bad there is nothing brave or inventive about using your much higher skills to simply overwhelm someone.

2 ) I was hoping to raise your bloodlust. I was unaware at the time that it was already 250. Side note: It's funny that Allanon, one of the \"leaders\" of the side of good has a far higher bloodlust than most that populate Avalon. And yet it's us Thakrian's that are vilefied for our fighting.

3) Lastly, I'm not afraid of death. If I had been, I would have left this Land long ago. Any experience I might lose is fairly easy to replace. I figured you'd get bored and simply open a portal for me to leave in peace, and you did.